Bonus Bear game on 918kiss
Master Bonus Bear with these expert tips!

Tips For Game Bonus Bear on 918kiss

This time the admin will give tips and tricks for the new slot game and 918kiss. This tip is a tip that the admin has practiced himself. If you want to follow or not is up to you. Your choice is right by evaluating tips and tricks for yourself this time.

For this new 918Kiss slot, for the admin you have to know the appropriate and correct time if you want to play the new 918Kiss. This is because in a little research that the admin did, With a capital of RM50, it is unlikely that you will win big. The most suitable capital for the admin is at least RM100. The slot chosen by the admin is a slot that is easy and difficult to win.

Bonus Bear Slot Game

For starters with a capital of RM100, the first slot that the admin plays is the Bonus Bear slot with a bet value of RM0.50. According to the research conducted by the admin, if you play slots, any game, if 15 rounds worth RM0.50 is completely unacceptable, please stop, do not continue the game and if you continue, the frequency of losing is high, but on the other hand if in those ten rounds you have won and got free spins and won RM50 or more, please stop and change to another slot. Try following the steps below,

  1. Capital RM100, bet value is RM0.50
  2. Play the Bear Bonus Slot from 918Kiss, from here if you lose 10 rounds without winning, please exit the slot, do not continue the slot game- switch to monkey thunderbolt, great blue.
  3. If you win in the first 10 rounds and win in RM50 and above please stop. Switch to another slot. Here the admin will switch to the Great Blue Slot game.The bet value is equal to RM0.50. If you win on the great blue slot, this time you can switch to a high value, the admin’s choice is RM2.00 on the Irish Luck slot. In the admin’s study, as the admin has suggested, in each of the first 10 rounds, if you don’t win, don’t continue your fight, but instead if you win and get a free spin on the last slot with a large value, you will likely win in RM600 up is sunny. If you win, please wash and forget the intention to win more, if you continue with the intention of winning big, the probability of losing back is also big.

Note : The most suitable time to play is between 12 am and 6 am.

Bonus Bear Jackpot
Discover the thrill of chasing the Bonus Bear Jackpot!

For the megablitz888 slot game, the admin is only interested in playing The Hulk slot game. The bet value is as little as RM1.25 for one slot round. The value of the bet depends on the level of each individual’s ability.

For this The Hulk slot, there is no tips given by the admin, this is because the admin used to always play The Hulk, the admin once won RM5700 in the hulk slot with a bet of RM1.25.

Note: The most suitable time to play the hulk is between 10 am and 2 pm.

For another tip, after winning the slot please delete the downloaded application and download again, the one played in the browser please clear cookies / cache / history and open again. admin will update the new news.

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